Ranchi: Sparks fly at kissing contest, even as Chaddis fume

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Ranchi: Sparks fly at kissing contest, even as Chaddis fume

Post by Rashmun on Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:16 pm

Ranchi: Lock lips with your spouse and win cash prizes.

Not an international reality TV show, the kissing contest for Santhal couples in backward Littipara block of Pakur district, some 375km from here, was organised for the first time by JMM MLA from Littipara Simon Marandi at the traditional Sidho-Kanho Mela on Sunday evening.

Even as the moral police, especially the BJP, are foaming at the mouth over this "vulgarity" and staging protests, the senior JMM leader is unrepentant.

Though the fair has been an annual event at Dumaria grounds in Littipara for some years, the kissing contest for 20 married couples - where the loudest audience applause decided the top three winning couples with cash prizes of Rs 900, Rs 700 and Rs 500 - was a first-of-its-kind event.

Asked why, Marandi said the contest would go a long way in strengthening the mutual bond among Santhal couples. "Only married couples, irrespective of their faith, were allowed to take part. I don't remember their names. But, this event will go a long way in bringing about revolutionary changes among Santhal couples in remote villages," the MLA said.

He added that most newly married Santhal pairs did not freely talk to each other during daytime. "A newlywed wife sneaks into her bedroom like a thief after family members are fast asleep," he said.



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