Coimbatore: Chaddis vandalise prayer hall decked up for Christmas

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Coimbatore: Chaddis vandalise prayer hall decked up for Christmas

Post by Rashmun on Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:18 pm

RSS members allegedly went on the rampage and attacked and vandalised a prayer hall in Coimbatore disrupting Christmas celebrations there.  
The incident took place in Kottai Pirivu of Mathampalayam area on Saturday.

Pastor Karthik who was one of the victims alleged that a government teacher, Selvaraj, who resides near the prayer hall, had hatched a plan along with his family members and 20 RSS men, to disrupt the celebrations.

He said, “While we were celebrating, Selvaraj, his family members Kavitha, Chandrashekar and 20 RSS men hatched a plan in their home and suddenly barged into the church and vandalised everything. They also attacked the brothers and worshippers who had gathered in the church.”
In the attack, Karthik suffered an injury to his head, and a woman suffered a fracture, while the rest suffered minor injuries.

“We didn’t do anything wrong, just like everywhere, we wanted to celebrate Christmas and distribute a few things to the poor,” Karthik said.
Demanding protection from police, Karthik said, “We need protection and we also appeal police to take stringent action against the accused.”
Karthik alleged that the accused Selvaraj has been creating problems for the past two months, for which they have written petitions.


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