Prince Christmas

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Prince Christmas

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:05 am

a modern take on a dreamy romantic tale involving a royal prince and a common woman. This time the commoner is a journalist sent to cover a notorious and mysterious prince... 

saw it popped up on netflix who told me it had a 98% chance of me liking it. Only older and I were home last night, and it had a christmasy feel to it, so i chromecasted it for us. Usually we close such movies within 5 minutes, or she walks out and i watch by myself on my laptop later... but this one we continued watching. 

at the end of it older said - this movie made no sense... but regardless, we watched it, both of us intrigued. Was a typical story, with all the obvious characters and plots thrown in, with just the right amount of modern touch. Makes you believe in love - the romantic kind, and the hope that after all that happens, your true love will happen; and even though you know from scene 1 that the lover will come for her in the end, you are delighted to actually see him. Doesn't happen in real life, haha. Or maybe it does... But made a good watch regardless, given the mood of the season, and it helped that the lead actor's looks reminded one of a certain lover from the past.


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