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Post by Guest on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:57 pm

poor prince with poor language skills goes to college on sports scholarship and falls for a poor rich girl, normally way out of his league...

caught it on a flight.. eh. didn't feel much chemistry between the two, but didn't hate it either. Perfect for airplane watch only, I guess. Don't waste time otherwise.


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Post by ashdoc on Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:02 pm

Ashdoc's review with spoilers

Arjun Kapoor arrives from the eternal rustic place shown in Bollywood movies---the rural state of Bihar what else---and he comes to Indian capital city Delhi to study in a college full of the high brow crowd . Coming from this rustic place as he is , his English is not good . But he impresses Shraddha Kapoor who is another student , by helping her with her basketball skills . She comes from a rich family and wears chic clothes exposing her lovely body and Arjun naturally gets attracted to her . 

Arjun asks Shraddha out for a movie and she agrees provided he does not treat it as a date but as a friendly outing . But when Arjun tries to get close to her she does not respond . However she does remain his friend . Part of the reason for this is that Arjun is a genuinely nice guy . But why does a rich girl coming from the high class society have to get even friendly with Arjun , who comes from a totally different background ? The reason is that Shraddha's father is abusive and beats her mother , and hence she has no peace of mind in her house . She rather gets peace of mind singing alone in the college auditorium and by getting wet in rain that cools her body and mind . 

But the latest thing that cools Shraddha's mind is Arjun's rustic company and his simple nature , and hence she hangs out with him giving thrust to his hopes of a real relationship developing between them . One day she gets emotional and kisses him on his lips . She invites him for her birthday celebration in her posh house . But here the stark contrast between their classes is all too apparent to Arjun and he questions her about the nature of their relationship . She replies that she is his half girlfriend . When he returns back to college his friends say that half girlfriend means that she is going to use him and drop him , and she is playing with his emotions as he is in love with her . 

His friends push Arjun to try to have sex with Shraddha and one day in his hostel room he tries to get close to her and she responds , but when he tries to make love she pushes him away . There is a heated argument between the two and in a fit of anger Arjun pushes Shraddha and she falls . He quickly apologises but Shraddha ends the relationship . The next time she talks to him , she has fixed her marriage to somebody else and invites Arjun to her wedding . Arjun is heartbroken and he goes back to his village in Bihar to try to forget Shraddha . He devotes his time to get girls educated in his village and wants to build a school where girls can be educated along with boys , because the pressing problem of Bihar is the lack of interest that parents show to send girls to school there . 

But an year later he comes to the capital city of Bihar called Patna for getting a loan passed by the Bill Gates foundation for schooling for girls , and he is confronted by Shraddha's presence . Once more his feelings for her are aroused and he takes her help in getting the loan passed . He asks her to come visit his village and Shraddha readily agrees . At his village Arjun's mother gets introduced to Shraddha . She asks her as to what happened to Shraddha's marriage , and Shraddha replies that she got divorced within a few months of marriage . Arjun's mother , who comes from a very conservation part of India then wonders aloud as to how long a girl who left her husband so fast would stay with her son . Incensed by this , Shraddha leaves the next day telling Arjun that she has cancer and does not have long to live . But she also leaves a letter saying that she loves him . 

Arjun goes to Shraddha's house in Delhi to get her back for himself , but her mother tells him that she has disappeared for months . Arjun then remembers that Shraddha's wish was to sing in a bar in New York before she died , and he flies to New York to live in a friend's place . He is sure that Shraddha has taken up a job in some bar in New York , and like a man madly in love he searches for her from bar to bar in vain . His friend tries to fix him up with another girl , but Arjun remains passionately in love with Shraddha . 

To be honest I was impressed with the mad passion of Arjun's love for Shraddha and his quest for getting his love ; Arjun Kapoor's acting does turn one notch higher as he remains devoted to the memory of Shraddha....yes memory , for now it is a long time since her blood cancer diagnosis and surely she must have died....

But behold the truth of the saying that fortune favours the brave and luck favours the most persistent !! One day Arjun does find Shraddha singing in a bar in New York....she is fit and fine and she had lied to him about dying due to cancer , for she wanted him to forget herself because of his conservative mother's opposition to her bachelor son's marriage to a divorcee . But his long journey to find her convinces her of his real and true love for her , and she finally agrees to marry him and comes with him to settle in his village . If love is a pilgrimage and his lover is God for Arjun , the pilgrim has found his destination . It's been a long and difficult journey but it has been worth it .

The movie too is worth spending your prescious time watching it for more than two hours , because you too might get impressed like me with Arjun's zeal for love . Acting by everyone is good and the movie has some sentimental and emotional scenes . Colours are good and photography makes a backward place like Bihar look green and attractive . Background music is decent and songs are decent too . Shraddha Kapoor looks lovely as usual . 

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .


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