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Post by Guest on Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:25 am

a marathi movie that popped up on my netflix, and i didn't realize it's in marathi until it began. it's a movie about a newlywed couple with age difference and a background/personality difference and she has a best friend he doesn't like, and he has an ex he hasn't forgotten... 

only a non-hindi movie can keep IT peeps and scientists as main leads lol, too boring for bollywood, kinda refreshing for me though. The movie does a good job of making you alternately annoyed by both of them at some time or the other, and liking/empathizing with both of them as well. Kinda like how in most real marriages too, it's never just one who's at fault, both has some quirks. 

it has some typical marathi movie/play moments of a boisterous character, but i have grown used to it over time, as in almost expecting it. luckily in this one they didn't make it too melodramatic... the moment has a constant energy where you are sucked into each plot enough to go 'oh no' as it happens. For me that was good enough to stay engaged. 

while i liked this movie, probably it's more for younger people if they have a lesson to learn. Veterans on this board may yawn at it, heh.


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