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Be present

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:13 pm

- By Paulo Coelho

Let's see

Be present - been present. been absent. been absent while being present. All's fine.
Make love - done that. done just seks too. making love is far better...
Make tea - yeppers
Avoid small talk - ok this i done a lot. Odd silence makes me nervous when with strangers.
buy a plant, water it - doing it
Make your bed - sure
make someone else's bed - yep
Have a smart mouth - nah i don't realize when it crosses to caustic. better to be safe
and a quick wit - mine kicks in 2 hours later, when the argument is long over
Make art - i try
Create - i try
Swim in the ocean - done it
swim in the rain - will try. in pools and all they make you come out if it's lightning though
Take chances - like, all the time
Ask questions- i don't ask enough, relevant ones atleast
Make mistakes - that's my biography
Learn - love to
Know your worth - i dunno how to gauge it. whenever i tell people to do something for me, they prefer walking away instead. So i guess i am just another useless load on earth, except maybe to my kids...
Love fiercely - yep. done that. done seks too. seks is better fiercely
Forgive quickly - i do, i think. Although some people think i am vengeful.
Let go of what doesn't make you happy - my happiness threshold is pretty low i think. That's why i can't let go of many things i should
Grow - oh hell I am. Each part of my body is growing again


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