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Post by Guest on Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:29 pm

there is a great finality in acceptance. once you accept something, be it

a defeat
an end of a long relationship
end of love
failure of a dream
failure of a venture
losing someone to death
losing someone to circumstances, anger, fight, misunderstanding
losing someone just coz

whatever it is, the most grief you feel is when you keep hanging on, when you can't let go. When you want it to happen no matter what.

But at some point it becomes clear that it's long over. once you accept it, and tell yourself 'it is so' however many times you have to, it may make you sad and depressed, but at the same time, it gives you certain level of peace. You find a sense of finality in it. It's like once you have finished a story, there is no more guessing what happens in the end. That's your story, and it just ended. you no longer have to sit there and dream of many possible endings. It's ended, it's over. You can stop your thought process now. It's vacuum, but it's restful, coz face it, dreams can be pretty taxing.


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