the atlas of beauty

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the atlas of beauty

Post by rasāsvāda on Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:26 pm

perfect thing to see when you have 2-3 YUGE pimples on your face, with one of them having a blackened blood clot that refuses to be washed away; and another is an about-to-be-popped whitehead; and yet another still red, about to bloom into a whitehead; and 2 more that only hurt so far ... (days like these also make me glad i am not seeing anyone)


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Re: the atlas of beauty

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:26 pm

In judging beauty, I have contradicted myself the most than any theory or aesthetic of it. It is rarely that I have not found the same woman unattractive and then irresistibly attractive (because she has become familiar) and then unattractive all over again (because I no longer like her demeanor). Women that I am not familiar with, and who exist merely in a photo gallery, are easier to judge by faces and body. It is a mystery how we make sense of an extremely chaotic world (of course, the neuro-biologists have an explanation for it, from the POV of natural selection, ha ha). The girl in green with what looks like turquoise earrings looks sexy. The girl in black with slight blonde hair is beautiful. Ok, to ennumerate #3, #7, #6, #9, #14 and #16 are pretty. That is a large selection from a short list. Let me whittle it down to only two:

1) #6 -- only kindness matters to me now and this girl looks the most kind

(I managed selecting only one!)


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