Republicans planning to use impeachment as midterm campaign issue

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Republicans planning to use impeachment as midterm campaign issue

Post by Idéfix on Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:29 am

I like the desperation of Congressional Republicans. They hitched their wagon to a lazy entitled incompetent bigot, and now they are doubling down by increasing their reliance on the lazy entitled incompetent bigot.

If Republicans win the midterms with this strategy, they can forestall impeachment regardless of what we learn from the Mueller investigation. If Republicans lose the midterms, they will be more willing to jettison the lazy entitled incompetent bigot and install in his place a hard-working competent bigot. That seems to be their calculation.

I like it because if the Republicans win with this strategy, it means that the American people don't want impeachment and in a democracy impeaching a duly elected president without popular will is a bad idea. If Republicans lose, they will be legitimizing what the left wants to do when take over the House -- the Democrats will have a strong reason to impeach in their election mandate.


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