Calm actions of police stun US

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Calm actions of police stun US

Post by confuzzled dude on Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:50 pm

The calm actions of a police officer who arrested the Toronto van suspect without firing a shot have prompted praise and, in some quarters, astonishment.

Video from the scene shows suspect Alek Minassian pointing an object at the officer and shouting: "Kill me!"

The officer tells the man to "get down" and when the suspect says he has a gun, the officer repeats: "I don't care. Get down."

Videos on social media show Mr Minassian lying down as the officer arrests him.

Many in North America are asking how the suspect did not end up dead in a hail of police gunfire. It contrasts with incidents in the US where police have shot and killed unarmed people.

"Research has shown that Canadian police are reluctant users of deadly force," says Rick Parent, a criminologist at Simon Fraser University in Canada's British Columbia.

"An analysis of police shooting data over many years revealed, that in comparison to their American counterparts, Canadian police officers discharge their firearms far less, per capita than US police.

However, like American police officers they take many risks in protecting the public."

One US-based academic told the BBC that the officer would have had a "duty" to kill the suspect, if the object he was pointing was a gun.

Please send our cops to Canada for training rather than letting Israel security forces train them, hopefully they will learn not to treat their citizens like enemy combatants.

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Re: Calm actions of police stun US

Post by Idéfix on Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:00 pm

In Telugu, the word used for police translates roughly to "security officers." The Canadian police acted in that manner. American police don't normally act that way in these situations.

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