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Post by Guest on Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:01 pm

we had watched the first one in 2012, i think. Gave a skip to second one coz i had no interest, and son didn't either. heard a lot of buzz about this one, so we went the first chance we could, coz both us hate spoilers. 

what a movie, omg. initially at most new character's entry, i would go, 'who they?;, and he would quickly whisper back, 'they were in so and so movie....this is the new Spiderman'. And i would be like, 'oh Spiderman is also an avenger now.... ohhh black panther too!' 

i drove back home dazed, going, 'what the hake was that', and we spent a good time counting all the people in the movie, and what all they did. son came back going, 'this was even better than black panther!' (we had watched that one together too)

so ya... go watch it! 

PS: son made me sit through the credits to watch the post-scene, and saw so so many desi names in the credits for production work. Impressive.


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