true selflessness

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true selflessness

Post by rasāsvāda on Sat May 05, 2018 7:25 am

“Ten months into my sobriety I was expecting a couple of friends who I had not seen in a while to drop by. They are not big drinkers but enjoy their share of red wine on occasion. I still keep a fairly well-stocked bar at home for times like these as I would never want to impose my sobriety on anyone else. Searching through my much-ignored bar, I discovered I was low on wine so I called my regular booze supplier, ‘Deepak Wines’, to order a couple of bottles. The minute I said “Hello”, the voice at the other end recognized mine. After exchanging the usual pleasantries, I told him I wanted to order some red wine.
Aapke liye hai ya kissi aur ke liye hai?” he asked hesitantly.
Maine sharaab peena chhod diya hai mere dost.” I responded with a laugh.
Acchi baat hai na madam? Mujhe pata chala tha, issi liye jab aapka phone aaya, toh mera dil ghabra gaya.

I was moved beyond belief. I was probably one of the best customers this man once had & here he was worried about me breaking my resolve to not drink. Some of my very own wanted me to fail and here was this intimate stranger who was rooting for me to stick to my course. I only knew him as a voice at the other end of the phone that unfailingly sent me my supply of booze across the length and breadth of the city at godforsaken hours. It would be extremely profitable to this man if I started drinking again and yet he wanted me to stay sober. It is these instances of virtuousness that work as the glue that keeps this rather broken world together.


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Re: true selflessness

Post by TruthSeeker on Mon May 07, 2018 9:57 pm

Tue selflessness.

The title enticed me to open this message.

"True" love. "True" selflessness.

The word "True" is not needed, when it is, what it is.

Earth has a population of ~7 Billion now?

Of the ones, aged 18 or older - My guess is that "zero" are selfless.

God/Goddess is not born every year.

We are a very selfish species - Homo Sapiens.


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