Both President Trump And Obummer Got American Hostages Released – With One Glaring Difference

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Both President Trump And Obummer Got American Hostages Released – With One Glaring Difference

Post by silvermani on Thu May 10, 2018 11:08 pm

Tom Cotton echoed the sentiment, saying the Obummer administration was paying a “ransom to the ayatollahs for U.S. hostages” and that the move “put a price on the head of Americans.”

The acts by the previous administration should surprise no one familiar with the Obummer administration’s geopolitical worldview.

President Obummer openly embraced a “lead from behind” approach to diplomatic relations. Obummer embarked on what some called an “American Apology Tour” almost immediately upon entering office, establishing as policy that America would have a diminished presence in the world community. His administration dealt with foreign powers with an often inconsequential hand — opting for global consensus instead of direct, muscular American intervention.

The release of American hostages Kim Dong-Chul, Kim Hak-Song and Tony Kim were not part of any preconditions, treaty or multilateral deal. They were not traded like chess pieces in some 11-dimensional diplomatic calculus. Pallets of cash were not rolled off an aircraft in Pyongyang and into the hands of a murderous dictatorship in exchange for their American lives. Captured, dangerous terrorist leaders were not freed on the behalf of these American hostages.

These men were freed from a position of American strength.

The full-throated global hammering of the North Koreans by the Trump administration, mixed with the blistering American-led sanctions imposed upon them, had begun to take effect. America, it seems, as the reigning world economic and military superpower, can wield a muscular position over hostile powers without firing a shot.

The unique, strategic position of America to non-violently bend its enemies into capitulation was lost on the Obummer administration.                                                                                                                

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