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Post by Guest on Sat May 12, 2018 7:14 am

from google... Dattatraya Vakharia is a 102-year-old man who wants to break the record of oldest living male. There's just one problem -- he must find a way to change the sad and grumpy demeanor of his 75-year-old son.

the plot was highly predictable, but inspite of that, a cute movie. Loved the fast tight screenplay and the chemistry between the 3 main actors. Just the right amount of comedy which progressed into just the right amount of drama... I actually like Rishi Kapoor's work much more than Amitabh's. AB was his usual, he has done these kind of characters before too, even though this time he didn't convincingly looked 102, but then there is no fixed rule how someone should look at a certain age... But Rishi's role is what kept me engaged most through the movie, each facial expression and body language of his evoked just the right emotions... reco watching


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