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Post by Guest on Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:26 pm

4 besties, mixed up lives, one is getting married after a lot of inhibitions... 

it's not too different from what you saw in the trailers, the movie is just fine. I didn't enjoy it too much, but I didn't hate it either. Kareena Kapoor looked slightly off to me, and a bit older than the others. Wasn't too thrilled with the clothes too, usually I don't care for costumes, but they were noticeable and different from what you see normally, to the point of distraction, for good or bad.


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Post by ashdoc on Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:53 am

My short review---

Four bold modern sassy female friends meet again reigniting memories of their school days . And even in those days they had been bold , wearing miniskirts to school and creating mayhem on the campus .

And why should not they be bold ? Their confidence and uninhibited behaviour is backed by real money which their families possess . Yeah , all of them belong to rich families and can do things which middle class girls can only dream of .

Kareena Kapoor is in a live in relationship with her boyfriend , but one day her boyfriend proposes to her and she is forced to accept because she doesn't want to hurt him . But she is not at all comfortable with the relatives of her boyfriend that she has to now adjust with as part of the impending marriage . She was happy with the live in relationship and cannot bear the overweening affection being poured on her by her in laws . Reason---she has not lived with a happy family as she comes from a broken home . As the marriage rituals are on and cause her increasing discomfort , she takes the excuse of her boyfriend making a snide remark at her to call off the marriage .

Sonam Kapoor is desperate to get married . She was in a major relationship with a boy since young age but that didn't work out . Now during the marriage of Kareena she tries to kiss a guy she wants to marry . But he shoos her off , and on the rebound she sleeps with a guy angling for her whose name even she does not know .

Sakshi Talsania has run off with her white lover to get married and has a kid with him whom she adores . But the kid and her increasing weight put brakes on her sex life . Her father has never forgiven her for her elopement with a white man and is not on talking terms with her though she wants to reconnect with him .

Swara Bhaskar is on course to get divorced from her husband with whom she has major issues . The highlight of the movie is her masturbation scene , in which she masturbates after a fight with her husband and he walks in just as she is reaching orgasm . She wears the most sexy clothes in the movie and has a reputation among the aunties in her neighbourhood .

These women go to Phuket to forget their troubles and have a whale of a time swimming and partying there . They wear exposing clothes and use swear words and discuss intimate details that women can discuss only with their closest buddies . But behind all the boldness they are vulnerable women in need to connect with the people they have left behind and the people they love . So do they ? Watch the movie for that....

All four women look good and dress even better . Acting is good too and colours and photography of the movie are nice . Songs and background music is a major plus point of the film and enjoyment of the film is enhanced by it . The movie is focused on the four girls and hence the actors chosen for playing their love interests are unknown actors . So the four actresses get to dominate the movie .

Beneath all the lack of inhibitions , all four are shown to be nice girls . If you go with an open mind not to get overly concerned by the boldness in the film like the masturbation scene , the movie is fun to be enjoyed and also to get sentimental as there are some emotions in the end .

Verdict---Good .

Three and a half stars out of five .


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