clove oil

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clove oil

Post by rasāsvāda on Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:40 am

was having sensitivity in my teeth last night, thanks to chewing on dried mangoes. So eventually put on clove oil over the affected gums last night. Just took a couple of drops in my index fingers and rubbed it across the teeth and gum that was sensitive. Older was immediately - ugh clove oil. Younger was also - ugh some oil that you use sometimes... I sometimes pour drops of it in our water pitcher, collectively ruining water drinking pleasure of all, lol. But then whenever i ask them to fill the pitcher, they all back out claiming they never use it. So I mean, got to be one or the other...

anyhoos, that took care of my teeth sensitivity. However, even today i can sniff some of it on my fingertips. A nice mild pleasant (for me) smell.

Strong oil that one, clove oil.


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