What more are we asking of our boys?

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What more are we asking of our boys?

Post by confuzzled dude on Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:37 pm

Sure, a boy can still become a scientist, an athlete, an elected official. But are we telling them they can take on more caretaking roles? Are we expanding the acceptable definitions of masculinity so that the burden of adulthood, of life, of maintaining society, falls equally across both women and men?

I worry that the result of all this focus on girls will be a generation of women who feel not as though more opportunities have been made available to them, but rather that they bear even more responsibility for running things. They’ll still be expected to be the primary caretaker within their household, still bear all the emotional labor of their families, and on top of all that will also be expected to run companies, run the country and yes, run the world.

I think a lot of boys are adapting but it is good to tell them to do more so it becomes normalcy

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Re: What more are we asking of our boys?

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 24, 2018 7:58 am

good one... 

my son is being raised by me, his sister (in many ways), and his dad who does house chores and cooking regularly. little by little he's joining in all that. hope that's enough for him to know he should not expect a maid for a wife when he grows up. 

The trend i have seen lately is... if a girl says she wants to stay home after marriage, we begin lecturing her about the importance of being independent. And if a boy expresses the same, we either balk at the idea or assume he is joking, and that's a full no-no. 

I guess, true freedom for a woman is to let her know that it's totally ok for her to chose to be a stay at home mom and raise kids and not be out there saving the world. And ultimate freedom is to let a guy chose to be a stay at home dad (or primary home care taker) too, if he wants to... 

guess we just need to raise them to do whatever they want, be equipped to do whatever it takes, and find a partner who is willing for that set up. Mutually beneficial setups. That's probably the only chance for the institution of marriage to survive in the long run.


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