summer bugs

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summer bugs

Post by rasāsvāda on Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:22 pm

summer is nice and all, but i am not too fond of the buggy part of it... mosquitoes, ticks, bees, you name it... 

just now, i was walking outside, under the shade of the trees. When I was walking back through the parking lot, i saw a strange black bug on me. It was on my blouse, slowly moving around the band over the buttons. I thought i will give it a gentle flick. But i missed it, and instead of dropping out, it dropped IN!  What a Face It fell in the gap between me and my shirt. So i bent forward to let it stay on my bra instead of my skin. But I could not bend enough, of course, to let it fall out from gravity. So i scooped it out with my hand, the same way that old women fetch money from there. I must have pressed it too tight, coz I heard something break with a little tic sound (eeps), and hurriedly threw it out, not checking if it's dead or alive. And now that i was safe, i suddenly looked around to see if someone witnessed this ungraceful performance. No one was in plain sight, *phew*. I washed my hands as soon as I could, but am still feeling all kinds of imaginary itches ugh.


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