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concussion (2013) Empty concussion (2013)

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:25 pm

from google... A fateful blow to the head makes a middle-aged lesbian housewife (Robin Weigert) seek satisfaction as a high-end escort.

nice movie... was interesting to me to see compare contrast heterosexual marriage with lesbian marriage. Looks like it's more or less the same, in terms of issues. 

Lots of soft porn in the movie, all girl on girl. Did nothing for me, positive or negative. Wasn't appealing, but wasn't disgusting either. It was more like - oh same expressions with a girl as with a boy. or - oh two pairs of boobs together, and no man around, looks weird. Not sure if it was designed to be so or not. Either that, or I am full on straight.


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