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Post by Guest on Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:01 am

I have an app installed on my phone, called Peak. Basically it’s something to exercise your brain. Their biggest push is for you to buy a subscription but you can go by feee on it. It has some daily games. And then you can play any game as long as you watch free videos on them. It has different types of games, for math, words, puzzles, focus, speed, agility, and so on. It tracks your progress and gives you incentive. It tells you your best score if you hit it, it lets you go up levels, and it tells you how you are doing compared to others.

Having given this background, will now explain what I mean by shame. In some games I suck. But some days I do a decent job. Which is corroborated right away with a cup flashing - this is your best score yet. Followed by a timeline graph of all your scores. And then it says - you are doing better than like 20% people at this level, or an equally low percentile.


Actually I have gone as low as 8%

On the plus side though, in some games, even on my bad days I am doing better than 89% or more. Not sure how it works. But it’s fun. Try the app.


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