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Post by Guest on Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:19 pm

so the new season 6 is out, and after searching for 3-4 days, finally found the free videos. Continued watching them even after XH had started KBC on tv. He was like you are not watching KBC?! I am like - how can I miss this, will watch KBC later w/o the ads. He's like you can watch this later too, and I was like nope what if it's taken down. 

The first one of Deepika and Aliya was fine, made me awkward, but it had its fun moments. but the second one with ranveer singh and akshay kumar was insane! At so many points I was rolling on the couch laughing, with XH looking at me - ye ho kya raha hai... but he was too invested in KBC for me to take off the headphones... 

lol, watch it... can't wait for the rest.


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