Cooking her way to Mars!!

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Cooking her way to Mars!! Empty Cooking her way to Mars!!

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:54 pm

Woman of substance!! Simple, humble, conservative, dutiful, strong, intelligent, well educated and highly successful...The other woman who comes to mind is Sudha Murthy. Women to look up to. Much respect! A very interesting article:

An excerpt:
“At the office, she did complex calculations and computer programming to guide satellites. At home, she looked after her large family that included her parents-in-law, her husband's five siblings and within a few years - their own two children.
"I used to get up around 5am because I had to cook for seven, eight people and it was not easy," she says." Also, our food habits are such that we need chapatis (hand-made bread) which take time to make. So I would cook for the whole family and then come to office."
Once in the office, she says, there was little time to think about home and she would just about manage to call home once in the afternoon to find out how the children were doing. In the evenings, she would get back home and start cooking again. 
It was tough, she admits.”


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Cooking her way to Mars!! Empty Re: Cooking her way to Mars!!

Post by Kris on Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:32 am

Very inspirational.


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