Change of name of the Ayyappa temple

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Change of name of the Ayyappa temple Empty Change of name of the Ayyappa temple

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:48 am

I was reading the ‘sensible’ post on the temple topic here and noticed that the guy went to great lengths to change the perception about Ayyappa. That he is not exactly who we believe he is and that he is not a celibate but a married man. Then he tried to connect celibacy with Buddhism and that it’s not a hindu thing. Seriously? Brahmacharya or Sanyasa isn’t a hindu thing? And then the tactful attempt to connect and then magnanimously reject the perverse notion of keeping women away coz ayyappa could get lustful. I looked up the guy’s other posts. A lot of mumbo jumbo! He clearly seems like someone with a commie agenda but masquerading as a ‘true hindu’. 

The communists, especially the kerala government, seems to be working hard to project Ayyappa of Sabarimala as a married man, not a celibate. In their attempt, they even changed the name of the temple. What’s in it to them? Sabarimala is popular because of the celibacy of its deity and because of the celibacy deeksha that thousands of devotees take every year. Break that popular belief and everything comes crashing down. It’s a huge hit and shock for the hindus. Now anyone can enter the shrine without any conditions. A major win for the communists over Hindus.


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