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Post by sulu on Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:13 pm

dear sulu,

do NOT yell at your ex in screeching and annoying pitch and volume in the morning, when you have set up like 6 back to back meetings for the day. Your throat can't handle any change in pitch or volume, and there is a limit how much you can talk in a day w/o your throat giving out. 

While you sit there in pain with your voice cracking after you have talked for 3 hours non stop, try to see if drinking some soothing Yogi Throat Comfort tea helps for the upcoming 4 hours of talking. Also, try ignoring your ex's texts otherwise it will raise your BP, and let's face it, he ain't gonna change. *om shivam*

give love to your kids for me,
love you forever and always,



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