Your Drunk Self May Actually Be the Real You

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Your Drunk Self May Actually Be the Real You Empty Your Drunk Self May Actually Be the Real You

Post by sulu on Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:56 pm

oh...  Embarassed

.....According to research, your drunk alter ego isn't a separate identity at all. That's the real you, pal


Research says that your drunk self is probably not as far off from your actual personality as you think it is. Though it may feel like you're a completely different person when you're in the club getting tipsy, a 2017 study published in Clinical Psychological Science found that your drunk persona doesn't differ from your sober one, more or less. Basically, you're always that special, unique, wonderful you, no matter how many tequila shots you foolishly ended up taking on your birthday.


The drinkers rated their own in-the-moment personality traits during the session while trained (and sober) raters assessed the same traits. While the drinkers noted personality differences in themselves while drunk, the sober onlookers didn't see any big differences between their sober and drunk personalities. Except for one thing: the drinks made those participants more extroverted. Obviously.


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