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Post by sulu on Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:55 am

Almost feels like blockbuster represents a phase of my life. When hanging out with friends every weekend, and when in school, even on weekdays was normal. After dinner, go to blockbuster, walk around the aisles deciding what movie to watch, then come home and watch it together. And then not to mention being forever late in returning them. In our first locality in NJ we had two of them close by. When we changed the house, the nearest one was 15 minutes away. Surprisingly it lasted longer than many others, and we still hung on to it. With time, friends drifted away and the marriage disintegrated, almost in parallel with the blockbuster fate. For a while we did those red box things in grocery stores too. We were the first ones to get on Netflix too, but kept on with blockbuster as long as we could. My older one has very faint memory of the stores, i don't think the younger one has any clue. I still have my blockbuster card, but i removed it from my purse a couple of years ago.

XH doesn't even care for movies any more, unless it's of Big B. We wanted to go watch Badla last night, but there were no seats available. I wanted to go matinee today, but he didn't. He learned the movie has been leaked, so he found it somewhere and we watched it at home. Rare month for me to watch a movie with anyone, Green Book was another one that I watched with a friend recently, otherwise all my movie watching these days is a solo experience.

The second-to-last Blockbuster, a squat blue-and-yellow slab wedged next to a real estate agency in Western Australia, will stop renting videos on Thursday and shut down for good at the end of the month. Two stores in Alaska, part of the final group of Blockbuster outlets in the United States, closed in July.
That will make the Blockbuster in Bend, Ore., one of a kind: a corporate remnant, just off the highway, near a cannabis retailer and a pet cremation service.


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