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Post by sulu on Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:03 am

imagination is powerful for sure. i know i have many times imagined stuff that never happened, and then i would go through the painful discovery exercise to either prove or debunk my theories. But the most extreme example i saw was in a woman, who was so incapable of handling rejection that instead of seeking therapy, she burnt the midnight oil to diagnose disorders in others; and she cooked up a completely false timeline and actions of mine, just so that she could convince herself that i am some evil bitch who met with bad karma like she wished; and I guess she did this to gain sympathy from whoever she told the story to, which i think was pretty shallow and pathetic.  Well, hope she felt relief after that. But i mean, this is karma we are talking about, so i mean, you know, you should not make elaborate LIES to wish it on others. If you truly believe in it, then trust that something up there is watching, and I mean, karma also comes to the delusional liars eventually, i been told. The funniest part is, the very week she spread that lie was the very week i was having the time of my life (unknowingly, her version was told to me much later), but we don't want to spoil the story for her, do we Wink


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