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Post by sulu on Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:03 pm

(this is a post i can WONLY share on this forum, lol)

so yesterday i was talking to XB. Usually he calls on whatsapp, but since i was home, he did a video call. I gave him a fair warning that i didn't shower.

Then he was like what's that you are wearing. I said this is a hoodie. So the next question, 'what's under it'. I said Pajama. He seemed confused although I am not sure why. Then he asked, 'what color is the pajama'?

So me, 'color? well this hoodie is multi colored, the t-shirt under it is red, the bra under that is also red. The PJs are blue, and my underwear is... oh forgot what color i am wearing'.

he blushes, 'no i don't want to know the color of your und..'

me, 'BLACK, it's black. Haan aur bolo, aur kya color batau?'

he's like, 'pagal, i wasn't asking... '

me, 'i thought you will eventually get to it one by one, so let me say it all upfront'.

he, again, laughing, 'bilkul pagal hai tu, i wasn't going to ask any of that'.

oh. oops. heh.


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