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Post by sulu on Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:33 am

my xmil tells me that when she had her second kid right after the first one, her neighbor helped her ease it out and kept the older one with her all day while she recovered with the baby. Can't imagine that now... my daughter tells me i will raise her kids and i assure her that's NOT happening lol, so better have them when you can spend time on them. but now, hmm. i like the idea of building a sharing community, but wonder if it's too idealistic. In this country where individualism is so important, to be in a joint-anything system, that's the first thing that gets sacrificed... I guess if such a community is built here, it will have to be under a business model, with a legal give and take and promise and security. Like Nooyi mentioned, Uber and Airbnb. 


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