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Post by sulu on Mon May 06, 2019 9:58 pm

son is watching a basketball game on tnt, and while i am about to go up to sleep, i was still playing flow free on my iphone as i was on a decent streak. suddenly i hear a guy talking animatedly and look at the tv and i am transfixed. All the players are paused, and he's on the court at a position in the middle of them, and describing a full play while dribbling the ball. and i am like - in my head only- 'wth is that, i have never seen that'. I have seen drawings on a screen, but not this. so i am trying to see what all they may have done for this 3D paused effect with him right in the middle of it. At some point son turns back to look at me and recognized the look, coz i rarely look at tv, and goes - 'that's so cool, isn't it'. And i am like, 'is this after the game or they managed to pause in the middle of it and talk?' he said it's half time. Soon the guy comes back to sit in the commentary box. Amazing stuff.


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