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Post by sulu on Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:33 am

two's a company but three's a crowd. Always heard this phrase. Sometimes used in romantic context, but not always. the background of the saying is here, which make's it more interesting.

I liked the version, 'One's too few, three too many'. And this brings me to my story last evening. 

So, i had a lazy day. Dozed off in a perfect weekend nap in the afternoon. Woke up a bit hungry around 5:00 pm. Made kickass tea and drank it with a protein-chocolate bar. The taste of the two together was so good that I had another bar. By this time i had already had 400 calories when older walked in with chhola bhatura and handed it to me. So now, slowly but surely, that also got demolished. Then she also handed me half of her mango lassi, and that also got slowly sipped out. By 6:30 pm, my heartburn began. 

Now, if the dreaded vice principal of my son's middle school was to report this incidence to my mom, he would begin it with, 'Sulu made some really poor choices today. she had 2 chances to make it right, but she continued making poor choices'.  two's a company...  Icon_cry That's how i felt about my binge-eating. 

So anyway, XH was asking us all day if we wanna go watch the movie Bharat. None of us had an interest in it. So I counter-offered to him, 'you wanna come out for a walk? Would be a stroll really, i am also going in my fit flops, not shoes'. He said, 'nah, i am not a fan of walking'. So then i yelled out older's name to see if she's interested (i knew son was already a no). Hearing this XH goes, 'if she's going, then i will go too'. I looked at him strangely, then called her out again. She said no, means XH was also out, so I walked out alone - a good decision eventually, coz i got to walk my regular longer route. 

While XH most likely acted out of FOMO, that exchange got me thinking. My whole life I had viewed that statement, 'Two's a company, but three's a crowd', with a negative connotation on 3 or more people. But now that I think of it, for some people, two is uncomfortable, three is fun. The more the merrier, like the other saying goes. I know so many people like that, especially my ex who always loved gathering a crowd for every place he went.
So yeah, 'two's a company (yawn), but three's a crowd (yay!)' for some.


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