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Post by sulu on Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:02 pm

this was a short tv episode i had watched that was based on stories. i am forgetting what country or era or writer this story was from, but it had a huge impact on me. considering how superstitious i am, this added on to it. 

i think it was named monkey's hand or something. if i want, i can google for it, but meh. the story is what's important, not the background. i thought of this story again after watching aladdin recently. 

so there lived a couple and their adult son in some beach town of india. the couple finds a monkey's hand on the beach. Someone appears and tells them that this will fulfill their 3 wishes, any 3 wishes. But be warned, this hand is evil, so be very very careful what you wish for. 

the dad is spooked and is debating if he should wish anything. But the wife is super excited. They are under 25,000 rupees debt for their house. So she says, let's ask for 25,000 rupees. The same day their son dies while working in a factory, and the owner pays them Rs 25,000 as compensation. The couple is heartbroken beyond words. 

So the wife decides to ask for her second wish. She wishes her son to be back. At this point the son is still lying in the morgue, all stitched up after being cut open for postmortem. he wakes up, and walks home. But see, the son is still dead. It's just his body walking like a zombie. So he walks in home, simply calling her as, 'ma'. head hanging, coz there's barely anything to hold him, and still badly injured from the accident. no feelings, no words, nothing. Her son didn't come back, only his disturbing presence came back. He walks automatically to his room and goes to sleep. 

The couple is disturbed beyond words, even more than they were at his death. So she makes her third and final wish. To send her son away where he belongs. 


the story spooked me so much that i barely make a wish. 

and if you take this story as a metaphor, guess dead relationships work the same way, they can never be relived the same way. you reconnect with long gone friends, relatives or exes, they look like walking zombies when they come back in your life. zero connection, and you want them to go back already, no matter how sad it feels.


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