Ashdoc's movie review---Raaz 3D

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Ashdoc's movie review---Raaz 3D

Post by ashdoc on Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:53 pm

Its raining 3D movies this season and I love soaking in such a rain---or should I liken a horror movie to a thunderstorm.....??

So off I went to see this thunderstorm....err , movie....and sure enough , I wasnt disappointed to see a few flashes of horror striking like lightening due to the 3D effects.....

So whats the story ??

Bipasha plays the role of a siren who has dominated the film industry---but as she moves into the thirties age begins to take over and newer younger divas are ready to upstage her . But such is her addiction to glamour and adulation that she finds it a hard time dealing with it.....who doesn't ??

So is it time for hindi remake of '' Sunset Boulevard '' the hollywood movie of yore that beautifully showed the pain and the loss felt by a fading female former movie star ??


It's a Bhatt production and you can trust the Bhatts to come out with a sensational solution to Bip's problem.....
.....And the solution is black magic.....

So Bip's baby meets a practitioner of the occult---nothing less than the evil spirit of a dead man , who gives her some water to be given to her chief rival to drink.....water that begins the black magic once ingested by her rival....

And who's the rival ?? She's the voluptuous Esha Gupta with the sumptuous body---the star who is rising on the horizon and walking away with the awards.....she's the leading lady of the film and Bipasha is reduced to playing the negative role.....( I guess age is taking a toll on Bipasha in real life too )

The person who has to administer the magical water is none other than the Bhatt's in house hero Emraan Hashmi , who is director of Esha's film.....

And once he does that , the fun starts..... Cool

Esha's house is rent by her shrieks at night as horror strikes---and it strikes again and again.....

Some women plainly walked out of the cinema hall---and when they do that , you know the thrills and chills are really making an effect..... Wink
Some shocks did make my hair stand on end---and I literally began to wait for the water to be administered to Esha again and again.....though I also waited with trepidation , as the 3D effects were bringing the horror perilously close to me and making me squirm in my seat.....

But masochist that I am ( every movie review reveals a new side of my personality Laughing ) , I wanted the director to bring it on with more and more spirits appearing out of nowhere and more screaming.....
The girl sitting besides me seemed to want to reach out and hold my hand during the horror session and I sat there salivating and dreaming of holding her hand but she managed to control herself---leaving me disappointed..... Twisted Evil

And the director was disappointing too---the horror stopped after a while and reappeared only at the end of the movie because Emraan fell in love with Esha and stopped giving her the water.....
......And this happened just as the girl next to me was going to lean on me.....Now why did Emraan have to fall in love ?? Evil or Very Mad

The director tried to fill the gap between the horror scenes by some luscious mouth to mouth kissing between Emraan and Bipasha and Emraan and Esha ( no the girl besides me didnt get inspired by that Laughing )---but we are used to Emraan Hashmi kissing scenes arent we....nothing new and in fact boring......

Its the sound effects that trump over the visual effects and the movie has the effect of making us expect and wait for the horror to begin with breathless anticipation---I wish however that there was more of it.....

Verdict---okay for some on the spot entertainment if cinema hall has 3D and good digital sound . People watching on TV or DVD will be sorely disappointed .


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Re: Ashdoc's movie review---Raaz 3D

Post by Impedimenta on Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:40 pm

nice! thanks for the review. I want to take my friend out for a movie for her birthday and she picked this. BTW, i have to gently remind her that even though she would mostly not go to a movie of my choice[dark knight, expendibles, iron man etc] i am willing to do this for her.


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