A moving verse from Shakuntalam

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A moving verse from Shakuntalam

Post by Kris on Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:22 pm

Yaasyatyadya shakuntaleti hridayam samsprishtam utkanthhayaa
Kanthhah stambhita baashpavrittikalushah chintaajadam darshanam
Vaiklabyam mama taavadeedrishamaho snehaat aranyaukasah
Peedyante grihinah katham nu tanayaa vishlesha dukhairnavaih IV -6

“The very thought of separation from Sakumtala fills my heart with grief. My throat is choked by the tears I try to hold back. My eyes have become inert as I am in deep anxiety. If this is the depth of sorrow of a forest-dweller like me because of my attachment, then how much will be the mental agony of householders at the prospect of separation from their newly wed daughters?
>>>>The above is copy-pasted from a site on the internet, but I heard a friend's father recite the verse from memory, something he had learned more than 45 years ago. The emotion-filled recitation in Sanskrit and the explanation were very poignant. The gentleman pointed out the universaltiy of the sentiment, the father's feelings when his daughter leaves her parental home for her husband's. The rishi speaking in the verse above is Kanva, who is the one who finds Shakuntala as a baby and names her. Very touching!


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