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Soma juice (Indu)

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Soma juice (Indu)  Empty Soma juice (Indu)

Post by Seva Lamberdar Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:47 am

Hymns dedicated to Soma in Rig Veda etc. indicate that Soma (Indu) was a juice derived from a special tree or shrub (definitely not wild mushrooms or any other plant in the class of ephedra, hemp, cannabis or ganja etc.) by using stones to press (crush and squeeze) its bark, wood and pith to get the sap. This needed strong men to do the extraction, i.e. crushing the bark etc. and getting the juice. Soma was physically and mentally stimulating drink (including used in getting better progeny and as Vedic libation) and not an intoxicant or alcoholic beverage. Consider the following Vedic hymns on the source and great qualities of Soma (Indu).

"On all sides, Soma, thou art our life-giver: aim of all eyes, light-finder, come within us.
Indu, of one accord with thy protections both from behind and from before preserve us." Rig Veda (Book 8 - Hymn 48.15)

"Give us our portion (Soma) in the Sun through thine own mental power and aids;
And make us better than we are." Rig Veda (Book 9 - Hymn 4.5)

"The Tree whose praises never fail yields heavenly milk (juice) among our hymns,
Urging men's generations on." Rig Veda (Book 9 - Hymn 12.7)

"With stones they press the Soma forth, the Strong conducted by the strong:
They milk the liquor out with skill." Rig Veda (Book 9 - Hymn 34.3)

"Whose colored sap they drive with stones, the yellow meath-distilling juice,
Indu for Indra, for his drink." Rig Veda (Book 9 - Hymn 85.Cool

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