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Seattle woman who recovered from coronavirus shares her story

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Seattle woman who recovered from coronavirus shares her story Empty Seattle woman who recovered from coronavirus shares her story

Post by Seva Lamberdar Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:11 pm

Elizabeth Schneider shared her personal coronavirus story on her Facebook page, where it quickly went viral.
Author: Tony Black
Published: 10:45 PM PDT March 10, 2020
Updated: 5:47 PM PDT March 11, 2020

Elizabeth Schneider:

I had COVID-19 and here is my story. I made this post public out of several requests from my friends who asked me to share. I hope it gives you some good information and peace of mind!

First how easily you can get it. I believe I caught it when attending a small house party at which no one was coughing, sneezing or otherwise displaying any symptoms of illness. It appears that 40% of the attendees of this party ended up sick. The media tells you to wash your hands and avoid anyone with symptoms. I did. There is no way to avoid catching this except avoiding all other humans. 40% of folks were all sick within 3 days of attending the party all with the same/similar symptoms including fever.

Second, the symptoms appear to be different depending on your constitution and/or age. Most of my friends who got it were in their late 40s to early 50s. I’m in my mid 30s. For us it was headache, fever (for first 3 days consistently and then on and off after 3 days), severe body aches and joint pain, and severe fatigue. I had a fever that spiked the first night to 103 degrees and eventually came down to 100 and then low grade 99.5. Some folks had diarrhea. I felt nauseous one day. Once the fever is gone some were left with nasal congestion, sore throat. Only a very few of us had a mild itchy cough. Very few had chest tightness or other respiratory symptoms. Total duration of illness was 10-16 days. The main issue is that without reporting a cough or trouble breathing many of us were refused testing. I got tested through the Seattle Flu Study. This is a RESEARCH study here in Seattle and they have been testing volunteers for strains of the flu to study transmission within the community. A few weeks ago, they started to test a random subset of samples for COVID-19 infection. They sent my sample to the King County Public Health Department for confirmation; however, I was told that all of the samples that have tested positive in the research study have been confirmed by Public Health.

As of Monday March 9th, it has been 13 days since my symptoms started and more than 72 hours since my fever subsided. The King County Public Health Department is recommending you stay isolated for 7 days after the start of symptoms or 72 hours after your fever subsides. I have surpassed both deadlines so I am no longer isolating myself however I am avoiding strenuous activity and large crowds and I obviously will not come near you if I see you in public. I was not hospitalized. Not every country is hospitalizing everyone with a COVID-19 infection and in my case, and in many other cases, I didn’t even go to the doctor because I was recovering on my own and felt it was just a nasty flu strain different from the ones I have been protected from with this season’s flu vaccine.

I also truly believe the lack of testing is leading to folks believing that they just have a cold or something else going out into public and spreading it. And worse folks with no symptoms are also spreading it as in the case of a person attending a party or social gathering who has no symptoms.

I know some folks are thinking that this can’t/won’t impact them. I hope it doesn’t but I believe that the overall lack of early and pervasive testing damaged the public’s ability to avoid the illness here in Seattle. All I know is that Seattle has been severely impacted and although I’m better now I would not wish this very uncomfortable illness on anyone.

One thing that I believe may have saved me from getting worse respiratory symptoms is the fact that I consistently took Sudafed, used Afrin nasal spray (3 sprays in each nostril, 3 days at a time and then 3 days off), and used a Neti pot (with purified water). This could have kept my sinuses clear and prevented the symptoms from spreading to my lungs. This is not medical advice: I’m simply sharing what I did and correlating it with the fact that I had no respiratory symptoms. The two could be entirely unrelated based on the viral strain and viral load that I received.

I hope this information helps someone avoid getting sick and/or push to get tested sooner rather than later so you know to isolate before it gets worse or to get medical care if you have respiratory distress. Hand washing doesn’t guarantee you won’t get sick, especially when folks without symptoms are contagious and could be standing right next to you in any given social situation. You more likely than not will not die, but do you want to risk spreading it to a loved one over 60 or someone with an immunity issue? Stay healthy folks!
Seva Lamberdar
Seva Lamberdar

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Seattle woman who recovered from coronavirus shares her story Empty Re: Seattle woman who recovered from coronavirus shares her story

Post by Seva Lamberdar Tue May 12, 2020 8:09 am

Supplement on what to do when suffering from Covid-19? (arrived via email on May 12, 2020):

*Everyone is telling you how to NOT catch #coronavirus, but NO ONE is saying what to if you get it. Thanks to this nurse in the UK for putting this guide together*:

*Finally, some sensible advice.  From a GP Nurse in the UK.*

*To Avoid Covid-19*

What I have seen a lot of are recommendations for how to try to avoid getting coronavirus in the first place ,

• good hand washing

• personal hygiene

• social distancing

-- but what I have NOT seen a lot of is advice for what happens if you actually get it, which many of us will.

So as your friendly neighborhood Nurse let me make some suggestions:

*If you get Covid-19*

You basically just want to prepare as though you know you’re going to get a nasty respiratory bug, like bronchitis or pneumonia. You just have the foresight to know it might come your way!

*Things you should actually buy ahead of time* (not sure what the obsession with toilet paper is?):

• *Kleenex,*

• *Paracetamol*,

• whatever your generic, mucus thinning *cough medicine* of choice is (check the label and make sure you're not doubling up on Paracetamol)

• *Honey and lemon* can work just as well!

• *Vicks* vaporub for your chest is also a great suggestion.

• *a humidifier* would be a good thing to buy and use in your room when you go to bed overnight. (You can also just turn the shower on hot and sit in the bathroom breathing in the steam).

• *If you have a history of asthma* and you have a prescription inhaler, make sure the one you have isn’t expired and refill it/get a new one if necessary.

• *Meals* This is also a good time to meal prep: make a big batch of your favorite soup to freeze and have on hand.

• *Hydrate (drink!) hydrate, hydrate!* Stock up on whatever  your favorite clear fluids are to drink - though tap water is fine you may appreciate some variety!

• *For symptom management* and a fever over 38°c, take Paracetamol rather than Ibuprofen.

• *Rest lots*. You should not be leaving your house!  Even if you are feeling better you may will still be infectious for fourteen days and older people and those with existing health conditions should be avoided!

• *Wear gloves and a mask* to avoid contaminating others in your house

• *Isolate* in your bedroom if not living alone, ask friends and family to leave supplies outside to avoid contact.

• *Sanitize* your bed linen and clothes frequently by washing and clean your bathroom with recommended sanitizers.

*You DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL unless* you are having trouble breathing or your fever is very high (over 39°C) and unmanaged with meds.

90% of healthy adult cases thus far have been managed at home with basic rest/hydration/over-the-counter meds.

*If you are worried or in distress or feel your symptoms are getting worse*

*Preexisting risks* If you have a pre-existing lung condition (COPD, emphysema, lung cancer) or are on immunosuppressants, now is a great time to talk to your Doctor or specialist about what they would like you to do if you get sick.

*Children-* One major relief to you parents is that kids do VERY well with coronavirus— they usually bounce back in a few days (but they will still be infectious), Just use pediatric dosing .

*Be calm and prepare rationally* and everything will be fine.

[4/1, 10:04 PM] Karen Allen: This is to inform us all that the pH for corona virus varies from 5.5 to 8.5.

All we need to do, to beat corona virus, we need to take more of an alkaline foods that are above the above pH level of the Virus.

Some of which are:

*Lemon - 9.9pH*

*Lime - 8.2pH*

*Avocado - 15.6pH*

*Garlic - 13.2pH*

*Mango - 8.7pH*

*Tangerine - 8.5pH*

*Pineapple - 12.7pH*

*Dandelion - 22.7pH*

*Orange - 9.2pH*

How do you know you have coronavirus?

1. *Itching in the throat,*

2. *Dry throat,*

3. *Dry cough.*

4.   High temperature

5.   Shortness of breath

So where you notice these things quickly take warm  water with lemon  and drink.  

Do not keep this information to yourself only. Pass it to all your family and friends. May God bless all.
Seva Lamberdar
Seva Lamberdar

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