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Ashdoc's movie review---Kashmir Files

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Ashdoc's movie review---Kashmir Files  Empty Ashdoc's movie review---Kashmir Files

Post by ashdoc Mon Mar 14, 2022 4:29 pm

Darshan Kumar plays Krishna , who is a kashmiri pandit living in mainland India like all kashmiri pundits do....they have been forced away from their homeland decades ago with no return in sight for now . But the death of his grandfather forces him to go to his native state after a long time . His grandfather pandit pushkarnath ( played by anupam kher whose father's name in real life was also pandit pushkarnath ( director Vivek ranjan agnihotri chose the name as tribute to anupam's father ) wanted his ashes to be immersed in his homeland Kashmir and Krishna has to return to there for that . 

For Krishna it becomes a life changing journey , because in Kashmir he comes face to face with the truth that has been hidden from him all these years . The truth is of how his parents had been killed by Muslim terrorists and the reason for him being shielded from it is the sheer horror attached to it due to the gruesome nature of the murders . For it is in Kashmir that he gets to meet his grandfather's friends who show him the files which tell the reality of how kashmiri pundits were murdered for being non Muslim in a land newly plagued by jihad---probably that's why the movie is named the Kashmir Files . 

The friends have gathered to pay last respects to Krishna's departed grandfather  , and as conversations proceed into past memories the horror of what happened to hindus during that terrible period comes before us in flashbacks . How Muslim neighbors turned into enemies and how the state failed to protect hindus is brought out as the grandfather's friends discuss and spar and ultimately end up in a physical fight over the pusillanimous role of television in those times , a television controlled by the government that refuses let Indian public know about the reality . 

The friends are played by mithun Chakraborty who plays an ias officer , by puneet issar who plays the former police chief , by Prakash belawadi who plays a doctor and by Atul Shrivastava who plays the much maligned television presenter who is forced to hide the truth in his presentations . It is through their reminisces that we see the past in action , of horrifying images of kashmiri hindu men hanged by terrorists and their former Muslim acquaintances preying upon their women . 

But why is Krishna forced to confront the truth ?  Because in mainland India he has got into company of urban naxals ( a term made famous by Vivek agnihotri himself in his film 'buddha in a traffic jam' ) led by radhika menon played by Vivek's wife pallavi joshi . And they have turned Krishna into a zombie whose thoughts are controlled by them directing him to hate his own country and his own religion . He has been sent to contact a Muslim terrorist ( Farooq ahmed dar played by chinmay mandlekar ) by his mentors . Krishna has to be brought out of his crazy ideas very fast and the only way to do it is by telling him the truth about how his parents had been murdered by the very terrorist he is supposed to contact . 

As Krishna returned his college campus to lecture his urban naxal mentors about what he had seen in Kashmir and began to talk about how Kashmir when it was hindu majority was the most advanced place during that time and how Muslim invaders had torn apart that greatness to smithereens and was thus trying to change their views , I began to wonder if the director was once again over indulging in his favorite topic of urban naxalism instead of concentrating on Kashmir . But I was wrong . The director once again sharply makes us focus on Kashmir through a terrible climax . The last scene is the killer punch of the movie . 

The horrifying tribulations of the kashmiri pandits are all too well brought out in the movie . Of being murdered and raped and driven from their land , of bad conditions in refugee camps , of failing hopes of returning to their homeland , of trying to preserve their culture away from home , of selfish politicians turning a blind eye to their sufferings .

Acting wise , performances are top class--by anupam kher who has put heart and soul in this movie as he is a kashmiri pandit himself , by pallavi joshi as the scheming professor responsible for Krishna's brainwashing , and by chinmay mandlekar as Farooq ahmed dar , the chilling terrorist was doesn't bat an eyelid while sawing a live kashmiri woman in half and force feeding her with rice spattered by her butchered husband's blood . Yes such scenes are in the film . It not for the faint hearted . 

There are no songs but music is appropriate for the occasions and photography is decent . I would recommend it as compulsory watch for all patriotic Indians .

Rating---Four and a half stars out of five .


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Ashdoc's movie review---Kashmir Files  Empty Re: Ashdoc's movie review---Kashmir Files

Post by confuzzled dude Sun Apr 03, 2022 4:52 pm

> I would recommend it as compulsory watch for all patriotic Indians .

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. You’ve proven many a times here that you’re an Hindu supremacist

confuzzled dude

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