Ashdoc's movie review---Rise of the zombie

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Ashdoc's movie review---Rise of the zombie

Post by ashdoc on Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:12 pm

Rather than calling it ' Rise of the zombie ' this film should rather be
called ' Fall of the human ' to animal like status .Or maybe it should
be called ' Rise of the animal ' .

Yeah ,thats what the zombie in this film does---fall from its human status and start acting like an animal.....
......And that too become a carnivorous rather than herbivorous animal
and start attacking people and eating their flesh after going for their
jugular in true carnivore style---only the cameramen from National
Geographic and Discovery channel were missing for filming this.....

Thats totally different from what I had heard about zombies---that they
are dead people whose bodies have been taken over by voodoo
practitioners , and who are being made to do what they want.....

OF course , the real truth is said to be that the so called ' zombies '
are actually drugged people who are not dead but alive....

If that is true , then the film comes slightly closer to the truth , in
the sense that a live person is doing something under the influence of
something injected in his body.....

And who is this live person ??

He is Neil Parker played by Luke Kenny , who has a passion for nature photography.....
......And his passion for nature photography outclasses his passion for
his goodlooking girlfriend ( played by Kirti Kulhari ) to the point that
she gets totally annoyed and breaks up with him for neglecting her (
somebody give me her phone number please , for I am interested in
satisfying the emotional needs and physical wants of such bored and
neglected girls with priority given to the physical wants Laughing )......

So he stupidly goes back frustrated to the himalayan jungle of what
seems to be Sikkim instead of being smart and trying to cajole back his
girlfriend ( good for my chances with her.... )......

Here something bites him---though what bites him is not shown....
Now when will that be shown ?? Wait for part two of the film , WTF !!

As his wound becomes covered by blisters and becomes worse , the point
arises in the mind---why does he not see a doctor instead of covering up
his wound whenever anybody approaches him.....??
This from a person whose father and best friend are doctors....!!

Who cares , its a stupid film anyway.....

The bite has injected something into him that converts him from a fun
loving person who dances with foreign dancers on his lap at sports bar
in Malad in Mumbai ( are there really phirangee dancers who
cavort on clients' laps in Mumbai bars ?? I want to go to to Malad right
now---thinking of keeping the review incomplete Laughing ) to a flesh eating zombie.....

So what happens to the zombie ?? watch that in part two that is going to come in 2014.....
......For the director is crazy enough to think that we will wait with
bated breath till 2014 to see this zombiehood spread in the whole
land---the next part is called ' Land of the zombie '......

While watching the film I felt that---forget to wait till 2014.....
.....I should not even have waited till 2013---the end of the world
predicted in 2012 should have happened , so that I would have been
spared the pain of watching this film.....

Verdict--not good .


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Re: Ashdoc's movie review---Rise of the zombie

Post by Hellsangel on Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:36 pm

Seriously? You had to review this? Why don't you review Oblivion or something?


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