Ashdoc's movie review---Ek thee daayan

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Ashdoc's movie review---Ek thee daayan

Post by ashdoc on Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:54 am

The film takes the concept of witches and witchcraft and chudels and daayans seriously---just like other horror movies take ghosts seriously.....

We are supposed to believe that these witches and daayans really exist , and that they have got a neither world of their own from where they come....

Worse , the film would like you to believe that this neither world
exists at the bottom of our buildings , where the evil spirits have a
macabre land of their own....

To me , steeped in rationality as I am this is not a good portent---for
this country is well known to brand certain women in rural and backward
parts as chudels and daayans and give them savage physical punishment .

What is the difference with ghost movies then ??---after all even ghost movies take ghosts seriously.....

But in those movies ordinary people or women are not branded as
ghosts---not the woman next door , not the wife of your neighbour.....

In a country where people are ready to brand ordinary women as chudels and daayans in villages and ostracize them , a film that takes shows the stepmother of two children as a daayan has
to be taken seriously indeed---for its troublemaking potential , its
ability to infect minds with the thought that such women can exist among
the ordinary women who try to eke out an existence in this poverty
struck land....

So this daayan comes into the life of Eemraan Hashmi and his sister when they are young children---as their stepmother.....

.....And she makes a pointless sacrifice of his sister and his father for no other reason than the reason that daayans are supposed to kill their most loved ones....

But Eemran has read a book about the supernatural and knows a way of
destroying her powers and herself---and he is able to do that....

The daayan dies predicting that she will come back and that Eemran Hashmi is one of her own !!

Years later Eemran has grown up and he has a goodlooking wife ( Huma
Qureshi ) and he is this successful magician---but the visions of the daayan keep on recurring.....

So has she come back ??
And who is Eemraan really ??

And who is this lovely young lady ( played by Kalki Koechlin ) who
claims to be his fan and wants to buy the same place where his father
and sister were killed ??

To get your answers watch this film....

Some of the parts of the film do give you the chills and the film does spook you in certain scenes .

Of course , the film shamelessly parades ordinary sounding women as witches and daayans who kill innocent people out of sheer evil....

If such women really existed I would prefer Hitler and Chinggis Khan to
these women as they at least had a reason for their
killings---fortunately such women dont really exist....but in small
towns and villages are they going to believe this fact ??

If you are willing to go with all this , the film does give some entertainment....

Verdict---okay .


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