Ashdoc's movie review---Aashiqui 2

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Ashdoc's movie review---Aashiqui 2

Post by ashdoc on Sun May 05, 2013 3:59 pm

Memories of another day.....nostalgia of the old times.....

In 1990 I had watched a film called Aashiqui having beautiful songs on
my video cassette player with my college friends and dreamt of

And 23 years down the line I went back to see the second edition of the
film and hoped to dream of romance again---relive those old times.....

And sure enough , Aashiqui 2 does deliver onto your expectations upto
some extent bringing back as it does the simplicity of romance like it
was in the old times---yeah , more than 23 years ago....

It delivers a romance that is untrammeled by the harshness of reality
and by the considerations of practicality---the two lovers love each
other with a utter simplicity that would make a cynic of todays times
laugh with condescension.....

But many from the old times would appreciate , and an earlier generation
of film critics and filmmakers would be giving approving nods from

So whats the simplicity ??

A fading male singing star finds a sensational new singer singing in a
bar and decides to make her the new star on the singing horizon.....

But why is she so young and beautiful and delicate to complicate matters ?? Wont that make him fall in love ??

And why does she return that love in equal if not greater measure ?? And
that too even after becoming a singing star....?? A love that a cynical
or even normal person would forget after achieving success....

But why does she continue to love him even after he himself admits that
he is a total and complete drunkard , and that he and his drinking would
be a drag not only on her career but also on her personality and
ultimately he would bring her down.....

Why ??

And why does he continue to love her even in the midst of his drinks and
why does he take all the taunts and insults he has to take as failed
alcoholic partner of a singing star....

Why indeed ??

Its just the simplicity of true love.....

A love they dont make anymore these days---the ingredients for making such love have long been lost and forgotten....

Ultimately one of them will have to take a very tough decision.....

But whatever that decision is and whoever makes it , its not gonna go down well with my aching heart....

So who takes the decision and what is it ??

Go and watch the movie for that.....

The movie has some good performances by Aditya Roy Kapoor as the male
lead and Shakti Kapoor's daughter Shraddha as female lead....

And from where did that lecherous bozo Shakti produce such a lovely
daughter ?? It must be the genes of her aunt Padamini Kolhapure and her
mom Shivangi Kolhapure for sure....
.....For true to her mother's genes she plays a marathi mulgi rather than a punjabi kudi.....

Though Aditya plays a heart warming role as a person whose love never
fades through thick and thin even though his health and career are on
the decline and impresses as the lover who keeps his male ego in check
as his career is lost even as his female partner's is on the rise, the
fact remains that the viewers were finding some parts of the movie too
silly and the romance overstretched---indeed the audience was sniggering
during some scenes....

The new generation failed to empathise with the old world sensibility of the romance.....

Ultimately it was the fine climax which effectively silenced the sniggers.....

Its the music which makes the film a true successor to the Aashiqui of
yore---for not only the music of this new edition is good but it has
been effortlessly seamed into the narrative to make the film a true

Yet many may find the romance too corny and come out with only an okayish impression of the film....

Verdict---decent enough .


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Re: Ashdoc's movie review---Aashiqui 2

Post by seven on Sun May 05, 2013 5:43 pm

i heard from a friend a similar review...that its not as bad as people initially thought it to be.

i love all songs in the film, tum hi ho in particular is my current fav


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