Ashdoc's movie review : 6-5=2

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Ashdoc's movie review : 6-5=2

Post by ashdoc on Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:06 pm

The name of this Bollywood horror movie is designed to create suspense as to what happens---6 people go into a forest , but 5 of them are how come 2 return ?? 
Obviously the one who comes back returns haunted by the ghost , what else....
Otherwise how come would he continue to experience strange things even after he has moved out of the zone of danger---he has obviously come back in the company of the spirit...

The film is a total copy of the 'Paranormal activity' genre of horror movies without a trace of originality . And just like in the original genre the people who are in the danger zone are doomed from the start---there is no escape....
Only difference is that the danger zone is a forest....

So 6 friends including 2 luscious girls go for a trek into a forest to the top of a mountain . 
The first half hour of the movie attempts to ape the 'Paranormal' series by not showing any problem cropping up . The trek goes normally for some time .This is unlike Bollywood movies which show the ghost making it's appearance from the start .

Of course , since all the characters are young , there is lot of leg pulling and also bickering over minor issues .
One guy is the fat and funny guy , while one is the character who is butt of most jokes all the time . 
The girls are there to plainly add mild sex appeal , dressed as they are in hot pants and tops that show off part of their alluring bodies . 
Just like in 'Paranormal activity' the whole trek is being shot by video camera .

Once the first half hour ends , the paranormal presence makes itself felt , but even before that skulls of humans found in the forest give us the the inkling as to something sinister present in the jungle....
As the trek starts one of the guys falls sick and is left behind . He becomes the only one to survive the trek....

The rest have gone too far into the zone of danger , or rather the zone of doom.....they won't be coming back....
There are no spoilers here because the publicity of the film had made it clear as to the fate of the 5 even before the film was released . 
So the question is not what will happen ( that has already been decided ) but how it will happen....

Sudden flaring up of campfires , exploding cans of food , burning backpacks.....yes , fire is the trick that the director has attempted to use to scare the audience---and it does work for some time due to the surprise element of the horror striking when least expected....
But then he falls upon the usual tricks of scary looking dolls and voodoo symbols to try to give the spooks . 

The end of course , is all too predictable.....and is the worst part of the movie due to it's all too expected nature....
But the photography is good---of the jungle , and of the view when they reach the mountain top....
Sound effects are good too , especially the flooding noise when the ghost makes it appearance..

But all this does not save the movie , which will appeal only to die hard horror film aficionados---of which I am one .
The film will give some on-the-spot entertainment to such die hards . But you will not remember anything memorable from it . 

Verdict---Nothing special .


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