India MUST make Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive Independent!

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India MUST make Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive Independent!

Post by TruthSeeker on Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:43 pm

Indian democracy and constitution is flawed based on British System.

There is absolutely NO CHECK on Judiciary to delay justice by even 30-40 years? An ordinary Indian fears to get into legal case, because they know its a never ending cycle. In general, its not a profession, the brightest of Indians seek. No one respects lawyers in India. They are considered to be the ones who could not score 60% in their High School, hence became lawyers vs. $400 per hour charged by above-average lawyers in US, far above engineers and even doctors. They are the creme of the brain in US.

But if Indian judiciary does not provide me justice in 30 years, who am I to appeal against? The system itself is inefficient and corrupt by delaying the justice. Can I sue the Judge in India for not giving me justice within a reasonable, say 6 months, timeframe? Is it allowed in India? What are the checks and balances, for such lazy judges?

Lazy and inefficient - can NOT be the words associated with Justice. We are not talking about months or years here. These idiots take decades, with no penalty!

We, the people, pay you!

Now, the second point - why do IPS officers report to MLAs?

How can anyone implement law, when they are to report to people who "make" it?

I thought that there is something fundamentally wrong in our system, I am beginning to realize that its in our Constitution!

Why cannot a constable go and arrest a MLA or MP, if they break a law in our constitution? Why does his chain of command have to report to this very MLA/MP?

Its a catch 22.


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