Attack 1 religon: Profit:: Attack All religions: Seek God

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Attack 1 religon: Profit:: Attack All religions: Seek God

Post by TruthSeeker on Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:52 pm

When you attack a specific religion, you get backing of a lot of people.

Some by bias, choice, preference, but also remember that we live in an age, where it is also by terrorists.

To attack, protect, fight, argue, feel the shame, pain, anger is VERY easy when it comes to a religion.

For centuries, some of us have taken advantage of this.

What if - All of us decide - enough of religion (hence caste, subcaste, last names, shia, sunni, Iyers blah blah) - and we just dont care of ANY religion?

All we care is about that we are humans. 

An invisible-dot of a planet in this vast Universe.

Our role is not being Indian, or US passport; not being NI or Shia; but we are simply the guardians of this very very small planet. 

We all must fear the people who talk of "religions more than God", and we must embrace the people who talk "God more than any religion"

Seek God, not Division of mankind,


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