Ashdoc's movie review---Point break

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Ashdoc's movie review---Point break

Post by ashdoc on Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:49 pm

Point break could have well been called point less . Because in the end you feel the whole movie to be that . But that is at the end . While the movie is going on you do get a little bit of fun . That is if you are in my position . 

And what is my position ?? I am sitting in a 4DX theatre watching the movie unfold with 3D glasses . In a 4DX theatre ( it was my first outing in such a theatre ) the watching experience is a bit interactive . The seat responds to the happenings in the movie . For example , it one person is hitting blows to another person then the seat gives you sharp jolts . If he is riding a vehicle on a rough boulder strewn path giving exciting chase to another vehicle ramming it again and again , then the jolts your seat gives you get harder . On the other hand if the actor is surfing a wave , then the seat sways slowly forward and backward . If he is jumping off from a cliff , then the seat gently inclines forward . When the waves hit the actor or he completes the jump from the cliff falling into the snow , a blast of cool air is fired from the front giving some idea of how the person in the movie must be feeling . On the other hand when a beautiful woman entwines her arms around a handsome guy's neck to kiss him and remove his clothes and start making love , then the seat is still and nothing happens !! Why no interactive experience at that moment ?? Maybe I was not handsome enough...

The movie seems to have been tailormade for 4DX theaters and 3D experiences . For it's main theme is to show super stunts done with breathtaking photography . Surfing giant waves , skiing from super high altitude mountains , gliding from snowy peaks to the ground , climbing waterfalls with bare hands and feet , parachuting over cities---it has it all . The photography is simply stunning and looks even better on 3D . A giant wave rolling over a surfer , the surfer drowning to the bottom of the ocean---all has been filmed brilliantly . Even better is the sight of the waters of Angel falls of Venezuela ( the highest waterfall in the world ) gushing on the side of the climbers in the full glory of 3D . The gliding from high altitude peaks among snowy mountains , the skiing from lofty peaks---all looks superb . 

But what is the point in doing all these stunts ? The lead actor ( played by Luke Bracey ) is a wannabe FBI agent who is assigned the task of looking into the activities of a group of people doing these hyper stunts , and joins them to discover a bizarre cult . They are honouring the ideals of Ono Osaki , an eco warrior who challenged the extreme sports world to do eight ordeals which honour the forces of nature . The eight ordeals are known as Osaki 8 . However I could not understand the point in honouring this eco warrior , especially because it involves doing things that classify the cult's members as lawless and also puts the lives of the cult's members in danger . In fact would not be wrong to call it a death cult , considering the fate of many of it's members . 

As things move , one wonders if the lead actor is also feeling sympathy for the cult and it's leader ( played by Edgar Ramirez ) and is on the point of not doing the job that the FBI has given him . Especially because a delectable woman ( played by Teresa Palmer ) from the cult has planted kisses on him after entwining her arms around him and made passionate love to him . But who cares ? The ending makes the whole movie sound pointless...

What would be pointful would be 4DX theatres equipped with technology to make seats respond when women give passionate embraces to men ; the experience will come to full flower when one could feel feminine sighs and moans while a love making scene is going on , with 3D making her lips reach from the screen to you....

Verdict---Not good .
One and a half stars .


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