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Post by ashdoc on Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:08 am

The international space station gets samples of mars soil from a probe sent to that planet , and the crew begins studying the sample for finding extraterrestrial organisms . They do find one which has been dormant , and it begins to grow under their stimulation---too rapidly in fact . 

And their worst fears come true . The organism in fact is a very vicious predator and it begins to attack and kill everyone of the crew . It can feed off anything , including coolant gas of the station . And it is very smart and knows it's way around the ship very quickly . 

As the cat and mouse game of survival begins between the crew and the predator , things get very thrilling indeed . The predator very rapidly moves from place to place within and even outside the spaceship , and can even temporarily survive without oxygen for a brief period outside . It ultimate survival however depends on oxygen and the crew tries to lock it outside the spaceship....unsuccessfully , as the too smart predator finds a way to enter even though one crew member has sacrificed her life for keeping it out . 

The predator looks ferocious very fully grown , and one wonders if the film can be called a sci fi film or a thriller or is it horror . One by one each member of the crew is finished off by the predator by either going inside the mouth and killing the person and coming out even bigger than before or by latching on to the leg and eating it . The crew now have to find ways of preventing it from reaching the earth , for if it does reach it could devastate population on earth . 

The movie has good photography and good colours and decent background score . As usual , I was enthralled by the shots of earth taken from space and by shots of the infinite cosmos beyond . Acting by everyone is good and the the pace of the movie is good too---the thrills keep coming and the speed of the movie never slackens . 

But the ending disappointed ; it was typical of horror movies and establishes the movie as from the horror genre . The climax has been created to probably ( in my thinking ) make a part two of the movie just typically like horror movies where endless parts are made one after another . The director had the chance to make the perfect ending and make the movie a great sci fi movie like 'Gravity' or 'Interstellar' but he chose exactly the opposite way out , to my chagrin . The climax brought down my rating from four to three stars . Even the audience , which until then had watched the movie in rapt attention , began to snigger at the climax . 

Verdict---Good .

Three stars out of five .


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