Ashdoc's movie review---Meri pyari Bindu

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Ashdoc's movie review---Meri pyari Bindu

Post by ashdoc on Sun May 14, 2017 8:52 am

This film has been marketed as a comedy film , but is more of a sentimental / nostalgic movie between a boy who dreams of a life of permanent togetherness and a girl who is totally commitment phobic and moves from one to another thing in life . 

Ayushman Khurana and Parineeti Chopra ( called Bindu in the film ) are neighbours , and from childhood Ayushman is attracted to Parineeti . They become close friends and Ayushman hopes to be in a real relationship with Parineeti one day . But she moves off to different lands and flits like a bird from place to place . But they keep in touch and remain in contact despite the distances . 

Parineeti's one aim in life is to become a famous singer and Ayushman is too eager to help out , trying his level best to let her get what she wants so that she would be pleased with him and become his....and for a while fortune really smiles on him as she comes to live in his city and is ready to shack up with him . But the album that she sings for flops and she rejects the marriage proposal that his and even her family make to her in behest of him . 

One wonders of course whether such a girl ( who ties up with him when he is ready to help her out in singing for an album but dumps him the moment her album flops ) is really worth all the efforts that he makes to get her , especially when the efforts to get her include rejecting other women who are more ready . But our hero is in one sided love , and it is his one sided love and the sentiments and nostalgia and memories associated with it that makes the film worth watching up to some extent . Had he taken the more realistic route then there would have been no would have been reality , and who goes to watch reality on the silver screen in the darkness of a theatre ? No one....

The movie begins in Kolkata and ends there , but it moves to other places in the middle . It is shown as a series of flashbacks as the hero is called back to Kolkata after a long hiatus , and his memories go back into nostalgia laden flashback mode when he encounters song recordings made by her on old cassette tapes . His memories move from childhood in the 1980s when he first saw her and slowly unfold till the present day....and he still has not forgotten her , while she has moved on in life....not a practical man , our hero....

But movies are made using different-than-real-life characters and often it is the impractical romantic people who give us our cinematic entertainment....and some aficionados of sentiment laden romance might find something to chew on in this film . Music and songs are decent and so is the background score . Colours and photography are okay too .

Both the lead actors look good and Parineeti acts the ever wild child wearing short clothes and changing boyfriends and lifestyles with aplomb . Acting is okay too from both . Nice timepass for forgetting the tensions of life for a couple of hours .

Verdict---okay .

Two and a half stars .


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