Uttar Pradesh: After dalits, now thakurs also threaten to convert to Islam

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Uttar Pradesh: After dalits, now thakurs also threaten to convert to Islam

Post by Rashmun on Wed May 24, 2017 9:11 pm

AGRA: Retaliating to the threat of religious conversions by Dalits of a village in Aligarh, local Thakurs on Monday have threatened to embrace Islam if their issues are not resolved. They have accused Dalits of giving a casteist colour to "minor disputes" and victimising Thakurs in the process.

On Sunday, some 2,000-odd Dalits from Keshopur Jhopri village, while accusing upper caste Thakurs of persecuting them, had immersed posters of Hindu gods in a rivulet, symbolising their resolve to bid farewell to Hinduism. However, their gesture has not gone down well with the Thakurs, who have now threatened to convert to Islam unless their issues with the Dalits are sorted out.

Talking to TOI, Lakhan Singh, a Thakur leader from the village, said Dalits were unnecessarily giving a casteist angle to minor disputes and even the police and the administration were supporting them. Countering the claims made by Dalits, Singh said, "On the contrary, people from our community were beaten up and even our women are not safe here."...

"The Dalits are only staging a drama. If changing their religion can resolve the issue, then we are also ready to do it," said Singh, adding that those who were arrested were respectable people with a clean record...



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