How Hindi became the language of choice in Arunachal Pradesh

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How Hindi became the language of choice in Arunachal Pradesh

Post by Rashmun on Wed May 24, 2017 10:46 pm

A little known fact: Arunachal Pradesh is also a flourishing centre of Hindi in the North East. Hindi is also the language of debate in the state legislative assembly and of banter on the schoolground. About 90% of the state's people speak the language commonly associated with the states of the Gangetic plains, said Pallab Dey, joint director of Arunachal Pradesh’s planning department.

It isn't as if Arunachal Pradesh is short of languages of its own. By conservative estimates, the people of the state speak 30 languages – though some experts insist that the state has 50 languages, in addition to several dialects. “The 26 tribes and the 256 sub-tribes [of the state] all have different languages,” Dey said. That diversity, ironically, is among the reasons for Hindi's popularity. Many of these languages are incomprehensible to members of other linguistic groups, so Hindi has emerged as a lingua franca.


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