it's back to business for predisent trump

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it's back to business for predisent trump

Post by Propagandhi711 on Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:23 pm

he's back to leadering the free world again after comeny's testimony vindicated him. his statement thursday night was far reaching in scope, both geographically and strategically:

"The Donald here. tonite the topic is quatar located on the southern tip of africa. these misguided africans support boko haram. so cruel, so cruel. once we stop their nuklear program, and I will, we and putin will end to their support for BK an drie up their source of hamburgers and fries. our ships are now headed to cape horn and will deal with this threat to our nation severely under the blessed guidance of your "dear leader". ah! that's me. we will make amerika great again!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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