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Post by confuzzled dude on Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:53 pm

On top of this, their self-esteem and confidence already bears the weals of daily brandings: being seated separately at school, served food in different utensils, having to wear wristbands that mark them as Dalits, being singled out to sweep classrooms and toilets, and seeing classmates refuse to eat meals prepared by Dalit cooks.

Jitendra Suna, a Dalit former student from the same department as Krishnan, describes the level of segregation that he encountered as soon as he started at JNU. “When I was allotted my hostel room, I walked in and the boy I was going to share with asked me my caste immediately – then said I had to get out. There is ghettoisation there.”

It is sad if it is true but I don't think this was common in the schools that I attended (and this was over a quarter century ago). May be things weren't as bad in south (at least in the schools)

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